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Hubbard Genesis Corporation

A South Dakota Technology Company

Celebrating Our First Decade!

Hubbard Genesis Corporation is celebrated our first 10 years as a South Dakota technology company. This first decade saw a lot of grow and change in our company, but our three core tenants remain the same:

Computer Science

Property Development

Entertainment Production

Our headquarters was located in Sioux Falls, SD in 2008. By 2012 we opened our Huron, SD office. In 2013 we relocated our headquarters and the Huron office to Rapid City, SD. We continue to grow and add new areas of interest under our three main divisions.

Our 3d routing machine was up and running, then we moved to a new location. This machine serves as a test bed for making unique and intricate carvings in upcoming timber framing projects.

We has also added new equipment to our entertainment division. The entertainment division itself has added on custom clothing. We will share more about this later.

Finally, all three of our divisions have benefited from recent updates in our computer technology. The 3D printing equipment has updated hardware and software. Our property development division is just getting setup and we plan to be making some exciting announcements there soon.

All said, it has been a very exciting decade for the HGC board members and staff. We look forward to our next ten years of serving our clients and customers.

David Hubbard