Hubbard Genesis Corporation “H” Logo

The original logo was created in 2004 using Adobe Illustrator. It went through several iteration prior to becoming the official Hubbard Genesis Corporation (HGC) logo. The H has been integrated into several HGC corporate logos and brands.

Hubbard Genesis Corporation “H” Colored Logo

The gold and burgandy colors are prominent throughout the HGC logos and brands. This logo was created for use in print advertsing as well as our web properties.

Hubbard Genesis Corporation Brand

The HGC Brand was created to use on signage outside of the HGC headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Again, the HGC “H” Logo is and red and gold colors are prominent in this brand.

Hubbard.Technology Logo

The Hubbard.Technology log once again incorporates the HGC “H” logo. The dot orbiting the H logo represents a single electron circling a hydrogen atom. This logo was later modified for use with Hubbard Aerospace, LLC.

HGC Property Development “H” Logo

The brand was modified for the Property Management Division of HGC with the use of a black enterior. This logo was also used in the creation of the Hubbard Haus logo below.

Hubbard Haus Logo

Hubbard Haus is the trimber framing department under HGC’s Property Development Division. This logo was modofoed to include a hollowed out “H” logo in order to allow wind to pass through the H when it was made into a timber frame post.