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Hubbard Genesis Corporation

Hubbard Genesis Corporation (HGC) started in 2004 as a reseller of tablet PC’s. In 2008 HGC became a South Dakota corporation.

Mission Statement

The mission of Hubbard Genesis Corporation is to provide outstanding products and services to our customers while creating economic opportunities for South Dakotans.

Vision Statement

The vision of Hubbard Genesis Corporation is to create products and services in South Dakota while employing past, present, and future South Dakotans to help make our state even greater.

HGC Corporate Division

Hubbard Genesis Corporation has three min divisions; Computer ScienceProperty Development, and Entertainment Production. Our headquarters is just a few blocks weat of the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology in Downtown Rapid City, SD.

Computer Science

Hubbard Genesis Corporation (HGC) has been developing and advancing computer technology since 2004, as a reseller of Motion Computing Tablet PC’s. Since then we have been developing computer technology in a variety of fields.

From touch-screen television and computer screens to portable computer devices, HGC has been introducing computer technology to businesses and individuals alike.

Property Development

Hubbard Genesis Corporation (HGC) builds beautiful timber frame structures using traditional timberframing techniques as well as CAD/CAM technology. Timberframing is a very labor intensive building method and was mostly forgotten in America with the advent of metal fasteners (nails). In the 1970’s timberframing began a resurgence and HCG has been building timberframe buildings and structures for many years.

Entertainment Production

Hubbard Genesis Corporation (HGC) has been in the busioness of event planning and promotion for many years. Our President/CEO David Hubbard started off his career in local television and radio production.

David was joined by his daughter Ashley (Ms. Diamond) in 2008 and they continue to coordinate music events throughout South Dakota.